Back On All My Best Bullshit !!!

2019-11-05 23:30:00

I am happily and enthusiastically back on all of my best bullshit.

"to be back on one's bullshit is to return to a state at which you were your truest and most vocal self with a renewed focus on authenticity and a decided lack of fucks given for others"

Urban Dictionary


Announcing Feet, A Python Runner

2019-10-06 23:30:00

I've been working on a problem that's bugged me for about as long as I've used Python and I want to announce my stab at a solution, finally!

I've been working on the problem of "How do i get this little thing I made to my friend so they can try it out?" Python is great. Python is especially a great language to get started in, when you don't know a lot about software development, and probably don't even know a lot about computers in general.



Edge Conference 2013

EdgeConf 2013 Was The Best Conference I've Ever Attended

2014-01-20 01:15:00

I do not say this lightly. I have a strong emotional bond with PyCon, and I’ve run my own conference. EdgeConf was easily the most rewarding conference experience I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Capturing why it was such a great time is very important to me. EdgeConf was a combation of validation, fascination, and exploration. I attended EdgeConf feeling a bit apprehensive. To me, it seemed like a Big Deal full of amazing people I would feel completely out o


The Narratives Around Visual Programming

2013-09-16 22:00:00

We need to train new developers, and we need to make programming approachable by more people, if only to get their attention before they dive deeper. I'm not speaking anything new hear, but I think there are some gaps in many of the common narratives.

Narrative 1: We need to teach kids and more adults to program

I agree! We need to get the attention of adults who might be interested in a career change, and we need to capture the imagination of children who


Plasmid 0.2.0 Released - API Stable And Tested

2013-08-07 06:08:00

Plasmid is an in-browser database and I've been working on it for a few months, talked to many people about it, and finally reached a point where I can release an API stable version.

There are two main components to Plasmid, developed separately. PlasmidJS is the in-browser database, based on the IndexedDB specification and supports recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The second component is Plasmid Sync: a backend server that allows users


Atheism Plus

2013-07-24 22:03:00

"Atheism Plus" has been making rounds for a while now.

The basic premise seems to be Atheism, plus a lot of social justice movement elements. And, completely, I support that. And I'm glad for the wide support from others I see from that. We should support women in the Atheist community, and gays and bisexuals and the transgendered among us. And those outside of us, who are still marginalized even by religions they're a part of. We should suppor


Edge Conference 2013

Attending Edge Conference In NYC

2013-07-23 07:36:00

I've been invited to attend what looks to be an amazing event, Edge Conference.

Edge looked to be a different sort of conference, and I'm excited to see how it works.

Edge is about everyone learning from everyone else, so you need to bring something to teach as well as a desire to learn. Every moment of the conference will be publicly available afterward.

I hope that I can bring something to the discussion, and I feel tha


I'm Speaking At NCDevCon 2013: My First Speaking Engagement!

2013-07-20 09:16:00

I'm actually incredibly nervous. My talk is "Offline-First: an Approach to Modern Web Apps", and in it I'll be talking about dealing with how the assumptions of the web are turned upside-down by the notion of offline web apps, but also how this can help us deal with a host of issues that have plagued us for some time.

Come see me speak in Raleigh, NC at the NC State Centennial Campus. The conference runs September 21-22, 2013. I've had a great time at t


Data Ownership On The Web

Owning Your Cloud Data


The most well known, yet still problematic, area of data ownership in our web-based world is all the data we keep housed "in the cloud" in the machines of the services we use every day.

  • The contents of your blog at Tumblr
  • The documents your company shares on Google Drive
  • Your to-do list at Nozbe or Remember the Milk
  • The music you've bought and listen to at Amazon
  • All your family photos kept safely

Data Ownership On The Web

The Problem With Web Data


What does it mean to "own" my data in a web-based world? I don't know what this means, but we should.

Before the growing responsibilities of "The Web" is for us, owning my data meant the files sat on my own machine. It meant the files were in a format that was either human readable, or documented well enough that alternative tools could read it or convert it. It meant no vendor could die, or change its mind, and make my data useless to me.


Scaling Down - Part 2


I'm sticking with the netbook. It took longer to make this decision than I expected, but I'm sure of it now.

What really works better are the subtle things. I grab my netbook quicker and with less thought. It weighs lses, I don't think much of carrying it to the car or upstairs. I just have it handy and ready more often.

I'm ready to sell the Thinkpad T510 that has served me well all these years.


What's Up With Me? April 2013

2013-04-07 09:03:00

What's going on with me? What am I trying to do, what have I been doing, and what should I be doing?

I've had a couple months of unexpected things coming up in my life, and its thrown the things I tried to plan for in a bit of an unknown loop. I'm not complaining, necessarily. Life hasn't been bad. Just the opposite, its been unexpectedly good and getting better. Still, I need a little more expected good in the mix, and it is obvious this will happen by


New Year's Evolutions

2013-01-02 03:26:00

I thought about having a new years resolution, but I decided against it. I thought about starting some 365 day project, but I decided against that, too. I've realized that I need to optimize for minimally impacting failure. A year long daily project, like writing 1000 words a day or a short story every day, means that at any point in the year the entire project can "fail". This creates a negative. A demotivational aspect. Something to feel bad about. Motivatin


Scaling Down - Part 1

2013-01-02 02:51:00

I'm experimenting with a new laptop for January, and if I like it I'll be selling my previous 15 inch Thinkpad t510 and keeping the new machine: an 11.6" Acer Aspire. The change is significant, but I feel it is for the best. I'm rethinking what I want in a laptop.

My needs have, necessarily, changed. When I bought my Thinkpad, I was buying a work machine. I was a freelancer, working at home primarily and spending a number of days a week on-site for a newer c


I Love Pocket

2012-12-09 22:45:00

Pocket is a reading list, and a far better way to track things you want to read, when you have the time, than the dozens of open tabs across multiple browsers and computers that many of us seem to be stuck in.

It is, for the most part, exactly what I wanted before I ever found it.

Available as a website, a Firefox and Chrome extension, and a mobile app, it is everywhere I might be when I want to remember to read something, or find a little time I


On Private Software

2012-11-05 23:47:00

Private software is software one writes only for themselves and never shares or intends to share. It isn't commercial, because it isn't sold or even distributed at all. It isn't open source, but it shares something in spirit. I write about this in favor, though like all things, on a case by caes basis.

I'm coming to really enjoy the idea of private software. Private software made by a person to solve a personal need and none other. It is, at its surface, very con


Why I Won't Be Doing NaNoWriMo Anymore

2012-11-01 23:01:00

I looked forward to it, I planned on it, and I was prepared for it. My outlines were ready, my story was waiting. So, why am I not doing NaNoWriMo this year?

The energy and ethusiasm of NaNoWriMo is great, and I will always be really glad the event exists. But, I have to admit when things just don't work for me, and this is one such case. Dropping NaNoWriMo doesn't mean not writing, it just means not writing 50,000 works between two specific dates on a calendar.


PyCarolinas 2012 Recap

2012-10-26 17:20:00

I ran a conference.

I said it had to be done, apparently I said I'd even be the one to do it. Before I knew it, I was doing it and now its over.


All the way up to the date of our inaugural year I was feeling unprepared, afraid I was forgetting terribly importa


I Am Worried About The Future Of Python

2012-09-23 12:00:00

Python is Great

I've been in love with the language for a decade.

I feel a connection to the community that has only grown over time, both in numbers and in awesomeness. However, I see difficult times ahead. Not where Python is or where it is going, but places it will always have trouble entering growing in importance. I think we have, as a community, really downplayed the significance of some of our beloved la


I Am Many Selves: How Many Websites Do I Need?

2012-08-28 06:20:00

I'm trying to write more lately. Part of that is trying to have a better idea what I want to do with the things I write. Blogging is something I have a lot of respect for. The voices of the world unhindered is an amazing development for humanity. But, when it comes to my own self-publishing, I kind of freeze.

I think I know why this is.

I am many selves.

This gets in the way of my writing, because


Read Counter, An Idea

2012-08-28 21:12:00

Just a thought. We have so many tools for, essentially, ranking content.

We vote on Reddit, like on facebook, plus one on Google. We pretend this stuff is (relatively) new, but aren't they all just non-passive hit counters? Maybe a return to the beginnings would be nice. But, simply loading a page isn't enough.

My proposal: the Read Counter.

At the end of a page, the Read Counter would trigger simply by scrolling into view. It would be a rough measu


Road To Writing

My Personal Essay Project

2012-06-23 10:00:00

I'm beginning something that has brewed in my head for years, in forms more and less solid from year to year. This is a project and it has no real name. It is something I need to do and something I'm very excited to put a new focus to. This is my essay project, and this is one entry in the collection that will result from it.

This is not a project which ends. I hope to spend my life writing, and in one form another I hope to continue with this project as I walk t


Road To Writing

What I Want In A Website

2012-06-23 11:40:00

I have a constant problem with indecision, and perhaps double when I am dealing with anything technical. When I have to decide on some dependency for a personal project, the possibilities of deciding wrong keep me from starting most projects. This is an extension of my general anxiety issues and something I need to work on extensively.

One of the oldest instances of this is with my own website, for as long as I have been on the internet I have hated whatever my c


Via Pyx, Introducing NevowPavel

2006-01-29 23:01:00

I just found NevowPavel, Donovan Prestons year-long-so-far project that really takes everything Nevow has been reaching for to another level. JotLive has always been a pretty cool thing, but I honestly found it more gimmicky than anything else, and couldn't see myself finding it all that useful. Pavel, however, is jaw-dropping.

Go and watch the webcast


Recursion Bites With Complex Nevow Pages

2006-01-29 23:01:00

There is a recently discovered issue with Nevow's Athena LivePages. LiveFragment nesting fails if the nesting gets too deep, due to repeated cloning of the contexts, including the full chain of parents back to the root of the document. This was hitting the call depth limits in some tests idnar was working on. I found this to be a little worrysome, as my designs for the current project included some relatively deep nesting of LiveFragments; at least, as deep as the tests


Nevow: Post-Render Injection Of LiveFragments

2006-01-28 23:01:00

In part of my current project, I've tried to make things very spiffy and use that nice AJAX stuff we all hear so much about. I do this through the wonderful Nevow, which makes much of the work a breeze. Some of the things I wanted to do, however, it isn't there on yet, so I had some more work on. Here is a story.

Nevow has a concept of a LiveFragment, which is a piece of a dynamic webpage that can be placed into a LivePage and attached to a counter class in JavaS


Teaching A Friend: Can Twisted Be A Good First Impression?

2006-01-26 23:01:00

A friend of mine has expressed an interest in learning to program, to dive into the dream of creating the next great video game. I've decided to tutor him, and teach him some things, as we make a small game for his first jump into code. I've made a decision to go about this differently than most.

I'm teaching him using Twisted. Twisted is an asycronous programming framework, and while it works


New Programming-Centric Blog

2006-01-22 23:01:00

I've decided to start a second blog, where I will post only about programming-related topics, and I will leave my other blog for any of my non-programming posts. I think this will help me in the long run. Too often, when I want to post something, I wonder if its too geeky or too non-geeky, so obviously there is an issue there.

So, I'm trying to make a career move. I'm tired of programming be


Information Overload: Needles And Haystacks

2006-01-01 23:01:00

So this is a little more subjective than most posts I want to make here, but it still fits better than on either of my other blogs. Do I have too many blogs? That will have to do, until I get around to utilizing more proper and tag-supporting blog software. Anyway...

The internet is a amazing. The myriad of information is just fascinating, and would be overwhelming, if it were possible for any one person to truely grasp just how much data there really is out ther


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