I've decided to start a second blog, where I will post only about programming-related topics, and I will leave my other blog for any of my non-programming posts. I think this will help me in the long run. Too often, when I want to post something, I wonder if its too geeky or too non-geeky, so obviously there is an issue there.

So, I'm trying to make a career move. I'm tired of programming being a hobby; I want it to be a career. Right now, I don't even have a career. I only have a job. This choice comes at an interesting time with a reason that both gives me more reason for this Big Move, and more to worry over about doing so. My wife is pregnant, and our first child is due in May. When Caelan is born, I want to be here with my wife and my son! Of course, that means I will be worrying about supporting a child, now. Although I can make more money doing this, the stability of it is not as secure as a normal job. I've got my first contract right now, but I can't go full-time with this yet. I'm working out the details of a possible medium-term second project, and if I get this I may make the plunge.

So, in this first job and the one I'm pitching right now, I am using the nifty stuff from Divmod. Some great stuff, and wrapping my head around it is (kinda) fun! I'll be posting some "just so you know, without all the trouble I had" as I go.

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Published 2006/01/22



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