What's going on with me? What am I trying to do, what have I been doing, and what should I be doing?

I've had a couple months of unexpected things coming up in my life, and its thrown the things I tried to plan for in a bit of an unknown loop. I'm not complaining, necessarily. Life hasn't been bad. Just the opposite, its been unexpectedly good and getting better. Still, I need a little more expected good in the mix, and it is obvious this will happen by force of will and persistence, not wishful thinking.

I'm still tinkering away, kind of slowly, on Plasmid. This is my project to synchronize browser-local IndexedDB storage between machines for users, and provide a platform where we can build great web-based applications to users that won't let them down. I'm past the low hanging fruit of the honeymoon phase when you start a new project, so I really need to buckle down on this. I still consider Plasmid an experiment, and I don't want to roll a real release, even that first 0.1, until it's something I'm at all comfortable with someone else using. So, what am I missing to get to that point?

  • Plasmid needs its own website, even just a small bit of copywrite on the intent and links to download. Gosh, maybe even documentation!
  • Some testing would be nice. I'm still not sure how to do this well for IndexedDB, but actual integration tests are likely, to ensure things operate across browser implementations of IndexedDB.
  • Stable authorization rules around a scheme of Account, Guest Creator, Guest, and Device keys.

When I reach these small steps, I hope to announce a usable alpha for early-adopters before April's end!

At PyCon I met up with the always awesome Lynn Root, and I'm really excited about NewCoder.io so I spent the day I stuck around for the sprints reviewing content and contributing some small edits to help. I plan to continue across the rest of the content, and to help promote the new site.

I took my Netbook to PyCon, instead of my laptop. While there are obvious limitations, I'm sold on portability. Anyone looking to buy a used Thinkpad T510?

My Son and I are working on designs for our first game, a Zombie Strategy game. I've got an engine ready to power this, and we're starting on the prototype. Very excited for this father-son project.

This website could be better.

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Published 2013/04/07



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