I'm trying to write more lately. Part of that is trying to have a better idea what I want to do with the things I write. Blogging is something I have a lot of respect for. The voices of the world unhindered is an amazing development for humanity. But, when it comes to my own self-publishing, I kind of freeze.

I think I know why this is.

I am many selves.

This gets in the way of my writing, because I don't want to write into a vacuum. I don't pretend to think I have an army of people waiting for the next words from my finger tips, but I do hope anyone reads the things I have to say.

But, I'm a lot of interests and a lot of ideals, and the tiny cross-section of all these niches that is me? That isn't going to be shared by, probably, anyone who shares any single of these interests.

When I write about my Atheism, not everyone reading it is interested or agrees with my Vegan positions. When I write about LGBT rights, even those who agree don't want to read about it when they followed my blog because I had good Javascript tips.

So, what's a many-interested guy supposed to do? I've struggled with this question for about as long as I've been on the internet.

How can I plan for this?

I see three options.

  1. One peronsal website I post everything I write to. My reasons for pushing God out of the mainstream. My opinions on Redis versus Mongo. Why I am a vegan for ethical reasons. Everything.

    There might be one person who wants to read all of that, or even see them in their feed reader and have to skip it.

  2. A dozen or so separate blogs.

    A programming blog, a vegan blog, an atheist blog, etc. But, what happens when I want to write about why atheism and veganism should be closely related? Or, when other topics cross? I don't know, maybe this would happen less than I think?

  3. A single place, with segments. If you find this site, and I'm writing about it, you might find other things than the first topic interesting. Or not. Maybe I should produce per-topic feeds, and give each a bit of a unique face.

I think it is obvious, but I overthink things.

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Published 2012/08/28