I'm beginning something that has brewed in my head for years, in forms more and less solid from year to year. This is a project and it has no real name. It is something I need to do and something I'm very excited to put a new focus to. This is my essay project, and this is one entry in the collection that will result from it.

This is not a project which ends. I hope to spend my life writing, and in one form another I hope to continue with this project as I walk through life. I will add new pieces to my collection, I will revision previous entries as the evidence before me sways my opinions and as my life swings my emotions, and as my career and my life evolve and adapt over time.

I want to call this "The Wiki of My Life" and I'm actually strongly tempted to do so, and to launch a little website to host it, and to let others do the same. I'm not (at this point) going to do that, and probably I never will. What I am doing is keeping a small git repository which will grow over the years, filled with txt files outlining my opinions and observations of the world, and resulting from the research I put into topics I find interesting or the experience I gain from the life I find constantly changing.

I want something that represents me. A digital and, more importantly, literary record of my thoughts, my opinions and beliefs, my ideals, my fears, and my dreams. And, like me, it will both grow and adapt. I'll keep a record of those changes over the years. I might look back on those changes one day, or I might just leave them alone and be content in the knowledge that as I move forward, I have not lost who I once was. It may be that being able to look behind clearly will keep me facing forward more firmly.

2012-07-06 15:55

I'm still developing the workflow for this, but I have some things in place that work out well. I can easily queue up things I want to write about, and I can ask the tool to catch me up on a topic and start writing abtuo it more. That's what I'm doing right now. I need a way to archive them and to massage the streams into drafts and eventually revisions to refine. I like this. I'm able to really sit down and think about a topic.

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