I have a constant problem with indecision, and perhaps double when I am dealing with anything technical. When I have to decide on some dependency for a personal project, the possibilities of deciding wrong keep me from starting most projects. This is an extension of my general anxiety issues and something I need to work on extensively.

One of the oldest instances of this is with my own website, for as long as I have been on the internet I have hated whatever my current website at the time was and spent too much time worrying about how I could improve or replace it. I'd like to outline my evolving thoughts here and, hopefully, map that to an actual solution I can be happy enough with to actually use my website effectively.

What do I not like?

  • My content being stuck in someone else's storage
  • Not having a version history for my content
  • Content centered just around dated posts, blog-style
  • Trouble embedded and hosting software demos related to posts

My ideal setup

  • Write all content in a git repository locally
  • Push to deploy
  • Content wrapped in templates for any website platform

What I'd like, I think, is to take my me.git writing experiment and selectively pull items from this collection into my website. If I stick with hyde, I want to create stubs in the posts/ directory and possibly a separate essays/ area to pull that content from this repository. I don't want my writing to be part of my website repository, but will link them. I like the idea of keeping my writing collection free of ties to particular technology or software.

Part of a series "Road To Writing"

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